Understanding the Functions and Types of Jackets

Your friend goes to a boutique to buy jackets and coats for her boyfriend. Her boyfriend is heading for a city that experiences a colder climate. Apparently, he needs coats to keep up with the winter season. As the spring approaches, he needs a variety of jackets to survive the changing temperatures. She asks the sales assistant about available items in their store. The sales assistant gives her a catalogue featuring various styles.

There are different types of spring jackets, army flight jacket such as parka and military jackets. Parkas are fashionable coat pieces. They are lightweight coats that provide warmth on a cold winter or spring morning. Their lightweight fabric makes them comfortable to wear. Most men’s parkas are made from water-resistant materials such as nylon and microfiber. Hence, they are perfect clothing pieces for a morning walk on a snowy street. Jackets with a zip fastener, detachable fleece liner, and a double storm flap provide optimal weather protection.

Military jackets have gone a long way in fashion. Once, they were coats exclusive for the use of military men. Nowadays, fashion designers use camouflage fabric to come up with military-inspired coat designs. It gives you a smart and casual look. Some have detachable lining to provide coolness during warm weather. Contrary to popular belief, military jackets are made up of lightweight cotton and canvas materials.

Aside from parkas and military coats, designers of outerwear such as Dickies outerwear have fabricated other styles to suit the urban lifestyle. Most common types are leather jackets, bomber jackets, and denim jackets. Leather jackets are made from genuine leather fabric. They are water-resistant and lightweight. Most of them have a smooth and lustrous surface, although distressed leather jackets have a coarse and plain exterior.

Bomber jackets are commonly worn for work-related functions. Bomber jackets such as Dickies work jacket keep the body warm amid a cold winter day. Designers have added embellishments to adorn plain work jackets. Nowadays, it may also sport patches and faux fur collars that enhance the style.

On the other hand, denim jackets are coats for men who are on the go. Denim jackets like Dickies outerwear are casual pieces for a lunch date or an evening get-together. Many men opt to match these denim jackets with a plain shirt and perfectly fitting jeans.

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