Saving Money Tips – Buying a New Car

A new car sounds lovely doesn’t it? Imagine the purr of the new engine and the looks you will get as you drive down the road in the latest model of your chosen car. However, we also know that the new model of today will be the old superseded model in the not too distant future and that the value of the car will go down very quickly.used auto parts

So with this in mind we really need to be careful when considering whether or not to buy a new car.

Before rushing off to the car yard, you should grab out a large sheet of paper and write up the top “Do I really need to buy a new vehicle?” Then let the brain cells take a journey and come up with all of the reasons that you can to justify going out and getting a new car. Underneath this, write down all of the reasons to justify why you shouldn’t go out and buy a new car.

Here are some ideas to get you started and some common reasons that people write down:

1. Reasons to buy a new car

Car too small / big

  • Starting a family and need more room
  • Can’t fit in all of my gear
  • Can’t transport all of the kids and their friends around
  • It is just us now so we don’t need such a large car
  • We are going away so we need more leg room and storage capacity

No air conditioning

  • It is just so hot each summer we bake in our car

No air bags

  • The car has never been fitted with air bags

Lacking accessories (stereo / cd player / gps)

  • We need to have a cd player
  • Some new vehicles have an in built GPS so we need one too
  • The stereo is broken so we need to replace the car

Costing too much money to run

  • I am always spending money on this car
  • The car always seems to be at my mechanic

Need to look good at work

  • My car is a status symbol of my wealth
  • My boss would look down on me if I didn’t drive a new car
  • Having a new car will portray a message to my clients that I am very successful

Too old

  • My car is x years old so it needs to be replaced
  • I have had this car x years so it is time for an upgrade to a new model
  • This model is old, I need the newer model

Petrol guzzler

  • I am always putting fuel into this car
  • I checked my credit card statement and boy my car is thirsty
  • I used to put in $x of fuel a week and now I am putting in $y

Running too fast / slow

  • I can’t keep up with every one else on the road
  • My foot is almost flat to the floor and yet we hardly seem to be moving
  • If I don’t sell this I am going to do damage to someone as it just zips off so fast I can’t keep in control

Want security of a new vehicle warranty

  • I do a lot of travel for work and I want peace of mind if something was to happen
  • If the car is under a warranty I won’t have to spend any money on it

No longer road worthy

  • The mechanic said the car isn’t road worthy
  • I don’t think the car would pass a road worthy test

Want to keep up with the Jones

  • My friend has just purchased one of these new cars so I want one
  • The neighbours have just purchased a new car so we should also buy one

I have been offered a good trade in

  • The new car sales man has offered me a good trade in
  • I want to trade now whilst I can get good value for my current car

I want a diesel vehicle

  • I want to change from petrol to diesel as I heard it is more fuel efficient

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