Hot Flash Triggers of Menopause and How I Get Natural Relief

Where is the cold shower, water hose, ice packs or swimming pool? This is the immediate relief you think of when you get the hot flashes of menopause. There are many things that trigger these hot flashes. They can range from minor to severe in nature.

What are hot flash triggers?
They are any conditions or substances that bring about the symptoms of menopause. Hot flashes is one of the main symptom of menopause.

How to know you have hot flashes?
Its exactly what it says it is “hot flashes.” Your body becomes or feels flushed, flash trigger over-heated and you begin to sweat profusely, as though someone poured a bucket of hot water on you. You feel as though your temperature gauge is in overdrive or you think you have a fever. They appear suddenly without notice, usually are erratic and can be frequent or infrequent.

Things that trigger or activate hot flashes are:
1. Spicy foods – especially hot pepper, hot sauce, black pepper
2. Alcohol – all beverages with an alcoholic content
3. Caffeine – tea, coffee and some soft drinks
4. Hot food – soups or foods cooked hot
5. Hot weather
6. Hot shower
7. Hot rooms or environment
8. Smoking
9. Stress – can be minor or major
10. Hot restrictive or woolen clothing
11. Some medications – can be prescribed or over the counter
12. Overweight

How do I get natural relief from them:
1. Mind over matter – Think cool thoughts
2. Exercise – usually in the morning
3. Hydration – plenty of water
4. Showers – cool are best
5. Cool compress – to back of the neck for a few minutes
6. Fan – manual, electric or the little mini battery operated handheld ones
7. Reducing stress level – avoid it at all cost
8. Avoid any thing that you know will activate them
9. Wear cool or lightweight clothing
10. Cool night wear and light weight bed covers
11. If you need to lose weight, it would be an advantage

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