3 Latest Movies Filmed on Location in South Africa

South Africa has been a prime location for film productions for years now, but it is still a novelty to find an international movie or major TV series actually set on the streets of Cape Town or Johannesburg. So it was with great excitement that South African movie goers greeted the release of Safe House earlier this year, and that is not the only movie to be filmed on location in Cape Town recently.

Safe House – This blockbuster box office hit stars Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds and was filmed on location in and around Cape Town. The story of a young CIA agent on the run as he tries to look after a fugitive in a safe house gives lots of scope to the Mother City as a setting. Capetonians get extra thrills from location spotting of their familiar streets and mountain, but from the fact that it scored a huge $40.2 m in its first weekend after release it went down a storm everywhere else in the world too.

Chronicle – Here Cape Town is doubling for Seattle, as three teenagers ดูหนังออนไลน์ with supernatural powers find their lives spiralling out of control. The sci-fi thriller is filmed as if it were found-footage put together from video recordings. As well as being filmed on location in the streets of Cape Town, the production used sets constructed on a film studio stage at Cape Town Film Studios. Left hand drive cars were shipped in especially for the production and ingenious special effects produced to show the effects of the heroes’ telekinetic powers crushing a car.

Dark Tide is another 2012 release filmed on location in and around Cape Town. This harnesses the power and drama of the ocean as Halle Berry stars as a diving instructor who returns to work in deep waters after an almost fatal encounter with a shark. The crew shot on a small boat with real great white sharks in False Bay. The studio filming in an underwater tank was completed at Pinewood Studios in the UK. The film was released in March 2012 and didn’t get very good critical reviews, either for the plot or for the acting, but everyone agrees that the scenery is stunning, as you would expect for any movie filmed with the Cape Peninsula as a backdrop.

And something else to watch out for, though not yet released, is the third TV series of military drama Strike Back, which was filmed in various locations in South Africa earlier this year.


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